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Introducing the GamblingBackend Cloud Edition

  • Affordable Way to Start an Online Gambling Business

    After working with companies ranging from one-man start-ups to those valued at tens of millions of dollars, we have learned that starting an iGaming business is associated with considerable expenses and difficulties.

    As a result, a start-up is exhausting all resources and practically nothing is left for marketing. Another problem associated with starting an iGaming business is technical difficulties. Hosting, security, network administration - all these come as a serious burden.

    With GamblingBackend Cloud Edition we successfully attack both problems.

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    How Does the Cloud Edition Work?

    The GamblingBackend Cloud Edition has a whole array of advantages. Here are just some:

    • Minimum setup fee.
    • NO need to rent servers, thus no need for network administration.
    • Optional backup, recovery and security services.
    • Payment systems as add-ons.
    • Gaming systems as add-ons.
    • Anti-fraud and KYC systems as add-ons.
    • Affiliate systems as add-ons.
    • NO rev-share. Just a small, fixed, per-active player fee.

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