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The Cloud Edition of GamblingBackend delivers all those functions as the traditional editions. The crucial difference is that with the Cloud Edition you do not need to rent a server or servers, take care of administration and security or upgrades. You just get a functional software and all the complexity is hidden under the hood. Also, you will normally launch considerably faster with the Cloud Edition.

You get a setup system in less than 12 hours from making the payment. If you have the design and layout for the customer site ready, you can expect to have a functional system in 2-3 days.

Absolutely. We have servers in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany as well as in the USA and Hong Kong. If you expect that majority of your customers will be from a certain geographic region, you will achieve better results by choosing an appropriate region.

Unlike the traditional editions, the Cloud Edition does not impose any limits on the number of payment providers.

Unlike the traditional editions, the Cloud Edition does not impose any limits on the number of game providers.

Yes, it is possible to switch from the Cloud Edition to the traditional editions. Please reach out to our team for discussing this.

We can accommodate this, but this type of modifications must be carried out by our engineers.

We use the cutting-edge security measures. We guarantee that there will be no security breaches at the application or server levels. However, you are still responsible for choosing strong passwords and maintaining correct security procedures. No matter how secure we make the system, if you do not follow at least basic security policies, all our efforts will be futile.

The Cloud Edition is considerably cost-efficient option than the traditional editions. Get in touch with our customer care team to get the quote.

No FAQ can be 100% exhaustive. However, our customer care team can answer all your questions and as a matter of fact we'll be glad to provide you with as much information as you would like. Contact us right away.