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Credit card payment systems

GamblingBackend supports a number of credit card processing services out of the box. Naturally, a payment processor of your choice can be integrated with minimum efforts. Make sure to check out number of maximum payment processors supported by each edition of GamblingBackend.

  • Wirecard


    Wirecard is a well known name in the online payments industry. Wirecard was founded in 1999 and as of now it is listed on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange.

    • Extremely reliable company
    • Technically superior system
    • Feature-rich solution
    • German quality. Period.
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  • Lateral Payment Solutions

    Lateral Payment Solutions

    Lateral Payment Solutions are a well-established payment processor. The company was founded in in the United Kingdom in 2001. Along with traditional credit card processing, LPS also offer alternate payments.

    • Multi-currency system
    • Reliable company since 2001
    • Alternate payment methods
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  • Transactium Ltd.

    Transactium Ltd.

    Transactium Ltd. is a Malta based company that offers a 100 % PCI Compliant, secure and modular system. No up-front fees and pay-as-you-go model make Transactium an attractive solution for smaller operators.

    • 100 % PCI Compliant
    • Secure, reliable and flexible system
    • No up-front fees
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing
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